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We help CEOs and D&I leaders at multinational companies change behavior and radically improve D&I culture by measuring micro-moments of prejudice.

For the last fifteen years, we've crafted solutions to create more equitable, productive and inclusive workplaces. With happy clients all over the world (check out the companies we've helped and what they have to say about us) we'll help you and your team solve your biggest D&I challenges. For good.


Everything we do is focused on putting the human first. That's why we build our solutions with a conscious focus on heart-led connections.


We believe data helps amplify why D&I is critical right now. We help you get access to the numbers you need to change what's not working.


We've been in the game for a long-time, and we're not afraid to be honest and authentic. Innovation and transparency keeps us alive.

Get to the heart of the matter.

Having D&I conversations might not be easy. But it's probably the most important thing you should be doing. We can help you leverage the right tools to ensure an inclusive mindset is the norm.


Get to the heart of the matter.

Having D&I conversations might not be easy. But it's probably the most important thing you can do right now. We can help you leverage the right tools to ensure an inclusive mindset is the norm.


"You cannot change society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it..."

Grace Lee Boggs

What does it take to build a truly inclusive company where all your employees feel appreciated and valued?


We love that you're focused on Diversity & Inclusion. What a beautiful and relevant commitment to our rapidly changing world.

It's more important than ever to focus on ways to work in our new working world. And that includes a consistent focus on Diversity & Inclusion. But, getting to an equitable workplace isn't so easy. It's hard to know how to focus the conversation, which data to gather, and how to create the change your company deserves. Through our experience working with companies around the world, we've realized which values really matter when creating a supportive culture at work: openness, trust, and clarity & consistency.

Why are these values so important to D&I?


Cultural Anthropology shows us that to build an inclusive community, we listen to understand common interests, we close gaps and build bridges, and build relatable structures that meet a variety of needs.


Leading diversity efforts is an honor. It is about taking on the collective well-being of a group, while nurturing individual talent, skills and desires. It means reading the data and the emotional quotient of a group.


Having challenging conversations isn't easy. Knowing how to consistently engage a wide range of employees to ensure everybody is on the same page is critical in reaching your D&I efforts.

Now, more than ever, we speak openly about the need for diverse, inclusive communities. As we design and embrace the Future of Work, we have an opportunity to highlight unique skills to create a world of work that works for all.

Strong and safe communities challenge traditional thinking, leverage untapped intellectual capacity, and build creative solutions for a moonshot future.



"The highest result of education is tolerance..." -

Helen Keller

When your company improves D&I culture, your entire organization performs exponentially better - financially, mentally and as stronger innovators.

How this works


Our team works closely with yours to understand your biggest D&I gaps and design a strategy for change.


We collaborate with you to create your personal D&I AI mentor to continuously upskill employees.


You retain access to your company's D&I IP through intelligent tracking and assessment of D&I skills.

Case Studies


We collaborated with the Dell EMC on an upskilling program for their female executives across the Middle East Africa. We focused on career progress, negotiation and coaching. We also deployed our Beenova AI technology as a learning tool for the teams.

  • Untrained teams, no clear direction on what kind of training would be required. Lack of access to personalized learning.
  • Many voices with different needs, working across different verticals in the organization, but all needed to upskill.
  • No community or sense of belonging for any of the female executive team.

"We've done many trainings - including with Accenture and EY - and none were as useful as this one."

DellEMC, Executive



The General Electric team invited us to host a facilitation for their up-and-coming Human Resources talent. We worked on inclusive technology, inclusive workspaces and DEI.

  • Lack of clarity regarding how to build teams around the Future of Work and Digital Literacy
  • Struggling to understand how to use the best technologies for the growth of top employees

“We love the way you emphasized the importance of having a deep sense of self-awareness as a key role to future proof business and personal success. We listened closely when you talked about the balance blending of AI and EI and their significance as part of the exponential evolution within self. Thank you for being a part of our success.”

General Electric, International Markets HR


Major gaps faced the team around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We created a cohesive group around the professional advancement of women at work, leveraging insights from data around promotions, pay and rank. We devised a communications campaign and framework to track, measure and design solutions for the comprehensive integration of People of Determination. Problems we tackled head on included:

  • Promotion gaps between women and men;
  • A lack of awareness around working with People of Determination (ie. mindfulness around language, behavior and integration);
  • Outdated messaging around DEI (as it had never been a priority).

“The campaign we have recently launched would not have been possible without Jos spearheading the way with sheer determination and foresight. This has been a pioneering effort…”

 IBM-TED, Agency Partner


BestJobs is a recruitment team and agency based out of Eastern Europe. Their team has immediate visibility into diversity challenges around hiring and were shocked at some of the results they were experiencing. They felt it was a priority to tackle the issue of DEI in hiring and recruitment and took a responsibility to leverage both a keynote and algorithmic design.

Post a keynote delivered by Jos during their annual meeting, the team ran a pilot with Beenova AI to work on algorithms that solved for:

  • Language issues around diversity and hiring;
  • Proposed role variations between women and men;
  • Bias in hiring language.

“Jos is a very experienced professional that managed to fully grab the attention of the crowd with her stunning speech and passion on the subject of D&I."

BestJobs, CEO

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"People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn't true. I was not tired physically…No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in..."

Rosa Parks

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