We help CEOs and D&I leaders at multi-national companies change behavior and radically improve D&I culture by measuring micro-moments of prejudice.



When your company improves D&I culture, your entire organization performs exponentially better - financially, mentally and as stronger innovators.

Testimonials (our clients agree!)

"This was phenomenal! On behalf of GE, I’d like to thank you massively. We love the way you emphasized the importance of having a deep sense of self-awareness as a key role to future proof business success."

- Claudia, Human Resources, General Electric, Dubai

"Honestly...thank you. We achieved our goal of shocking, surprising, encouraging and calling for action. Thank you...!"

- Katja, VP Talent and Organizational Development, Ahlstrom Munksjö, Helsinkki

"I'm very happy to recommend Jos...she has led workshops with Leymah and multiple stakeholders..."

- Sarah, CEO Leymah Gbowee Nobel Laureate and Peace Foundation, New York

"Awesome! I loved the way it was interactive…Jos makes you feel completely human. Best days at work...#reinvent yourself!"

- Anna, Executive Dell EMC, Dubai

"You cannot change society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it..."

Grace Lee Boggs

Your work as a D&I leader isn't easy.

We see you. You're tasked with solving a myriad of complex issues and that isn't easy.

  • You're expected to change deep-rooted culture and heal generational trauma
  • You face overwhelm as a result of conflicting priorities - each one as important as the next
  • You have to prove the business case for D&I...over and over again
  • You may be forced to take a back seat vis-a-vis other departments, like Sales and Finance
  • There's a lack of clarity around what your company actually needs as it relates to D&I
  • You lack budget required to complete all the tasks (or, there's too much budget and no way to manage expectations!)
  • You lack full support from the leadership team
  • You don't have access to the data you need - data has never been accurately collected
  • You don't have a full support team and it's tough to get access to headcount
  • There's an inconsistency in prioritization from an organization perspective re D&I focus areas

From diverse hiring, to onboarding remote colleagues, to having to design, scale and deploy D&I strategies for global teams with limited resources… solving for Diversity & Inclusion can feel overwhelming.

You might even be expected to do all of this with a small budget, no team, and by deploying one or two workshops per year!

We get it. And we’re here to make your life easier, so that you have time and space to achieve an inclusive culture that benefits your entire team and organization.

Simple and proven, Beenova AI focuses on consistent, measurable and human-based D&I strategies.


Diversity in thought, experience and background leads to stronger business performance.


Diverse languages, ability to connect and communicate means a happier workplace and happier clients.


Simplify stakeholder reporting, measure numbers and narrative and increase shareholder value.

"The highest result of education is tolerance..." -

Helen Keller


Identify your biggest D&I challenges

This is not a templated approach. We know every business and client is unique. We’ll work with you to explore, research and understand your business.


Design strategies to solve D&I challenges now and for the long run

No D&I challenge is the same. We take time to understand your challenges and deploy a system of solutions to solve them through in-depth research, surveys and conversations.


Help you scale your D&I strategy and bring your teams along

Making sure all of your team members and employees understand D&I can be challenging. We help you use the right communication tools to ensure your colleagues are brought along appropriately.


Implement systems to help you track the data you need

With our unique, proprietary and inclusive algorithmic design, we help you capture the data you need for access to the insights that will change your company culture.


Accelerate D&I learning through AI

Having identified your main D&I challenges and implementing the algorithms to support closing D&I skill gaps, means you're in the right place to effectively and efficiently accelerate D&I learning.

Case Studies


We collaborated with the Dell EMC on an upskilling program for their female executives across the Middle East Africa. We focused on career progress, negotiation and coaching. We also deployed our Beenova AI technology as a learning tool for the teams.

  • Untrained teams, no clear direction on what kind of training would be required. Lack of access to personalized learning.
  • Many voices with different needs, working across different verticals in the organization, but all needed to upskill.
  • No community or sense of belonging for any of the female executive team.

"We've done many trainings - including with Accenture and EY - and none were as useful as this one."

DellEMC, Executive



The General Electric team invited us to host a facilitation for their up-and-coming Human Resources talent. We worked on inclusive technology, inclusive workspaces and DEI.

  • Lack of clarity regarding how to build teams around the Future of Work and Digital Literacy
  • Struggling to understand how to use the best technologies for the growth of top employees

“We love the way you emphasized the importance of having a deep sense of self-awareness as a key role to future proof business and personal success. We listened closely when you talked about the balance blending of AI and EI and their significance as part of the exponential evolution within self. Thank you for being a part of our success.”

General Electric, International Markets HR



Major gaps faced the team around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We created a cohesive group around the professional advancement of women at work, leveraging insights from data around promotions, pay and rank. We devised a communications campaign and framework to track, measure and design solutions for the comprehensive integration of People of Determination. Problems we tackled head on included:

  • Promotion gaps between women and men;
  • A lack of awareness around working with People of Determination (ie. mindfulness around language, behavior and integration);
  • Outdated messaging around DEI (as it had never been a priority).

“The campaign we have recently launched would not have been possible without Jos spearheading the way with sheer determination and foresight. This has been a pioneering effort…”

 IBM-TED, Agency Partner


BestJobs is a recruitment team and agency based out of Eastern Europe. Their team has immediate visibility into diversity challenges around hiring and were shocked at some of the results they were experiencing. They felt it was a priority to tackle the issue of DEI in hiring and recruitment and took a responsibility to leverage both a keynote and algorithmic design.

Post a keynote delivered by Jos during their annual meeting, the team ran a pilot with Beenova AI to work on algorithms that solved for:

  • Language issues around diversity and hiring;
  • Proposed role variations between women and men;
  • Bias in hiring language.

“Jos is a very experienced professional that managed to fully grab the attention of the crowd with her stunning speech and passion on the subject of Diversity & Inclusion.”

BestJobs, CEO


How this works

DEI isn't a 'once-off' effort - it must be engrained in our tech, our products and our language.

See how we emphasize a consistent focus on safer on and offline spaces, in order to build a more inclusive workplace - consistently.

Consistent insights and access to D&I upskilling and data


Our team works closely with yours to understand your biggest D&I gaps and design a strategy for change.



We collaborate with you to create your personal D&I AI mentor to continuously upskill employees.


You retain access to your company's D&I IP through intelligent tracking and assessment of D&I skills.


"People always say that I didn't give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn't true. I was not tired physically…No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in..."

Rosa Parks


How does Beenova AI work?

We focus on a Blended Learning approach around Diversity & Inclusion. First, we work with you and your team to understand your biggest D&I gaps and challenges. We deliver an in-person or online workshop and facilitation. Then, we collaborate to build a D&I AI mentor that addresses your biggest D&I challenges.  

How do we know it's for our team?

If you and your team prioritize D&I, then we're a good fit. Further, if you agree that traditional approaches to learning (for example, a once-off workshop or simply expecting employees to complete tasks online) isn't enough to improve a company-wide culture, then we should definitely work together.

What are the benefits of Beenova AI's approach to D&I?

  • Tried-and-tested strategies with global clients
  • Data capture to help you make better D&I decisions
  • Access to insights you need to strengthen company culture
  • Happier colleagues
  • A technology solution that evolves with you and your team

What kind of insights does Beenova AI provide?

You will be able to access all the data you need to see how your company culture is improving! We're big on data and believe in transparency.  Some of the data you access includes:

  • D&I assessments
  • Company culture feedback loops
  • Mindset and sentiment analysis

How can we get started?

Step 1:

First, book a call and talk to our team.

Step 2:

  • Take you through a systematic process to understand the challenges you face
  • Identify your biggest D&I gaps
  • Analyze how Beenova AI can best serve your teams
  • Establish the collaboration process for your D&I AI mentor.  

Does it matter if this is our first time prioritizing D&I?

Not at all! We work with clients all over the world (and our AI understands over 100 languages!) at all different places in their D&I journey. It doesn't matter whether you're just getting started and in the process of figuring out your D&I journey, or whether you've traveled the road before...you're in good hands as Beenova AI's approach to D&I is specific to your D&I needs. 

World-traveled leader and Singularity University Faculty member Jos Dirkx is a two-time founder, best-selling author, global D&I expert and CEO of an Artificial and Emotional Intelligence startup.

Jos Dirkx is CEO and co-founder of Beenova AI, which helps companies improve behavior and practices around D&I by using AI to identify micro-moments of prejudice. 

Originally from The Netherlands, Jos was born in Brazil and has lived in thirteen countries - from Bangladesh, to Senegal, to Norway, to Canada - having visited 100. Jos has mentored and trained over 5,000 people in cities as diverse as Luanda, New York, Riyadh and Amsterdam.

Jos co-founded Girls & Football SA, an award-winning NGO which received a letter from Former First Lady Michelle Obama. She co-launched mGirls, providing health information to over 65,000 girls across South Africa. Jos wrote 2017 Amazon Best-Seller Tackled! and 2018 Best Book Girls Do Good.

  • A 50 Global Heroes Ending Violence Against Children (alongside Hilary Clinton and Maria Eitel);
  • 2019 Woman To Watch, a Women Deliver Young Leader, a Nike Girl Effect Challenge winner;
  • Microsoft YouthSpark winner;
  • Ashoka Changemaker;
  • Global speaker: TEDx Stage, to Glowork in Saudi Arabia, to World Economic Forum: Women in Leadership in Dubai.
  • Work and research have been awarded and featured in publications worldwide.
Looking forward to connecting!